Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 113

know it was big for you to admit that to me. Jon, at the end, it was hard getting through to you sometimes. Only after that gig in a 3M theatre with an elevator in the stage did you begin to take it seriously and stop bitching about the early morning call. Leaving before load out to go sightseeing didn’t win you any fans from those who expected your participation moving your gear! The Yahoo show where we made three of me appear doing the same dance out of the same body at the same time; thaumaturgy. We bore Shiva live and they did not know how we did it right in front of their faces. When they wanted an encore we both instinctively said they’d have to pay for it, given the current “gate.” I loved we thought the same way. It was like reading each other’s minds. We truly created multi-media magic live before audiences the world over. Lovable rogue, that is your legacy. I guess we’ll both go out on that. Jon Dix was Radiohead’s video Director in 2003.