Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 112

I can’t comment on your end Jon. I want to only think of what we did, what made us laugh, how bad and naughty we were together, what art we created and what the goal always was—that our audience transcend, to new realities. Bring back the knowledge from Plato’s cave and spread goodness—well, that was the idea. One time that Platonic quest got us locked out between floors in downtown Seattle late at night. Remember we had to throw our keys to a stranger to rescue us. Luckily she liked what we had to share with her. An opium liquescent night! It was always going to be alright. I appreciate your final words to me. “I still believe this is only a dream.” That Nebraska optimism! Your brother’s wasabi farm—no boundaries for the Dix brothers. That meal of peppered tuna served gratis to your celebrity I shall truly never forget. Thank you. What club are you playing tonight Jon?? You brought me to The Fenix in Seattle after I had a heart attack. That was real friendship, and, resurrection. And a long day of flying, performing and driving, but it was worth it. Thank you. Rick, the Fenix owner with a beard that could cut titanium, said after I gave him the skinny, “Give him anything he wants. He’s a pro.” Hot stuff. One take, we got the footage. Thank you. Your cry at times of stress was “stand and deliver.” I’m only sorry that the show at Horace Mann did not include your best. I