Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 111

so far ahead of our time that the audience still has not caught up. Will they ever? Maybe one has to work as hard as we did to understand what we did? Jon, the last time I saw you in 2013 I knew was the last time I would ever see you. In 5 days we went to 3 restaurants, 11 parks, 2 films in theatres and took maybe as many as 30 subway rides. Did I mention the 15 bars? I gave you a biggest best time (and good- bye) because I turned the other cheek when you shanked on a major production of mine that cost me pretty. Asking to sleep with my lead assistant as a condition of your contract was perhaps too droll a joke that presaged you making me have to fire a friend. A first for me. I hated the whole situation. But having to deliver three ninety-minute shows in twenty-seven hours was a very serious assignment. You should have been there Jon. Sir Paul was. He dug the show. Just six years earlier the cute Beatle moved and swayed next to our section as he enjoyed a bit of champagne with Drew Barrymore watching Radiohead blow away The Garden, (October, 2003). Among the 64,000 strong, I am sure Paul McCartney dug your work too. And for this Jon we both touched a sliver of greatness (as this society sees it). Hell, before one Beatle dug our work, we dug our work and laughed until we passed out.....many ...many times. To me, it’s more important I met and rolled with you. Where you rolling tonight, man? Where? That was your doing to get Thom Yorke to sign off on our seats as VIPs. So cool! Jon, if you’d lived you’d have seen the 64-projector idea creating a live action “dream collage” as a vid background in the current tour. It only took fourteen years to get the budget to do it. You were right. You needed to “gain their trust first.” Smart move. It finally happened. I’m glad one year after your bodily exit I can tell you it finally happened. It is magical. We were right. From 2 ̰ѡ͔ݕɔȁЁѡɕ啅́ɔѡЁЁхԁѕ)ѡɥݹ݅ɐԁɕȀȁɔѡЁ׊e䁉٥ѕ)ȁѡɕ̰Ёٔ%ѡѼ1ՅɑЀمԁՍȁ)ѽͼЁѡݥ܁Ё́ȁɥЁɽٔԁeԁٔ)ѡͥ$՝Ёȁ-ѽՔɔɥѥѼѡɱ)ɹݥиQՕɥѡոЁЁѥQ́ȁѡ)ɔ䁙ɥ%Ё͕́) IͽəɵЁIѕȵ䁅ѕȁI)ͽЁ͡܁Ё5ͽMՅɔɑ