Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 109

“ He was a bottle of Absinthe that fell off the shelf too early. A psychedelic explosion that won’t be forgotten. He was hills and valleys. Swirling, commingling opposites — a mere six letters that spelled “punch.”" of the others including Downey Jr. who crashed on the backstage couch at MOE (in Seattle) during his filming US Marshals “up Canada way.” Jon brokered talent as his own because he gave talent a home. When I got to Seattle shortly after Kurt Cobain 86ed himself, Big Dave, one of Jon’s crew, said, not so sarcastically, to Jon, of me, “Great. Another genius for you to clean up after.” For years you were the Video Director for the Virgin Music Festival. I always was impressed with what bounty befell you after. Especially w [[H[YHX\\و\[H]Y Y[Z[Hۈ[\[][H[\B؛] [ؚ[ۈ]ۂHܚ\Hݙ\YZ[[] [[Hۂ\Y[Z[YY8'HX[]][Y[\8'B[XZ\YH]Y\ [H[H]8' Yx'H\[H\K[H\YY 8'YK[H\B[[\[Y[\ˈ]8&\\8&YK&H8'H[HܘXYYH\][YHY[^\[\[[KBHۈBX[HY[\\Έ]Y[XY^Z[]]'[[][ܚ]^H[] H\['B[H]XZ[H\Y [[HY\\\H\™KHۈKHY]ۙHوH[[ &YY[XZ[]][\^ ]YJH][]Y][ۂ[HYZ[Yۜ[\ۙ\X]HYZ]\H\YYZ[YH\K[]^ ]YHقSTPQVSB˕[\XY^[KBL