Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 101

rafters now hold an array of catwalks and storage platforms where many of the small magic treasures have found a new home. With due diligence, “inspired” by Clinton, this storage space gets a thorough junking out every few years. From humble beginnings in a building that one of the camp directors described as a converted storage shed beside the office, to a small building at the back of the theatre, to the present Magic building, the Magic Program has continued to develop and evolve. The magic department at Island Lake boasts an impressive line up of former instructors, including Brian Brushwood, Adam Williamson, Simon Lovell, Mitch Williams, Trevor Waters, Joe Coover, Marcus Eddie, Gary Savard, George Galanos, and Brad Henderson who was instrumental in much of the early development and expansion of the magic program. Through his connections in the Magic world Brad was able to attract guest magicians such as, Jeff McBride, Craig Petty, Adam Rubin, Steve Scott, Mark Miller, and Darren Rose. With such a variety of regular staff and guest instructors the programs of the ILC Magic Department have benefited from many sources, directly or indirectly, such as Mitch Williams bringing with him his experiences from his years at the Magic Castle, and his training at the Chevez School of Magic. Several of the instructors have had backgrounds in theatre, or in sports, and have used those interests to help shape the magic programs. Being three hours from New York City we do not get a lot of people just dropping by; however, the magicians who have visited have been both pleasantly surprised by teh magic program, and greatly appreciated by campers and staff. The young magician/campers are exposed to and given the opportunity to learn a variety of magic including a wide range of close-up, coins, cards, crafts, illusions, cabaret, street magic, stage, mentalism, escapes, and allied arts such as Ventriloquism. When families and perspective new campers come for a tour, and happen to stop by during an escapes class, it is great fun to see the expressions on their faces, seeing twenty or thirty campers restrained in various apparatus including ropes, chains, straight jackets, shackles, manacles, and stocks. The card classes tend to be the most popular, followed closely by the stage show classes, with a large group of aspiring young magicians hoping to take the stage and strut their stuff. Many of the theatrically inclined campers hone their performance skills in the theatre department and then apply those skills to their presentation of Magic. Working on the premise that the mechanics of magic is problem solving, one of the most popular classes is “Outside the Magic Box”: Making use of lateral thinking puzzles, young magicians are encouraged to open their minds to a multitude of possibilities in solving magic problems, thinking outside the box. As wonderful as it is for an instructor, teacher or coach in any field to find even one ridiculously gifted student, it is continually gratifying to know that learning magic at a camp like ILC has played a part in the personal development of many young individuals, as they evolve from shy kids to confident young adults. “ One of the most popular classes is “Outside the Magic Box”