Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 100

Don’t get me wrong, this is no “Magic Castle”, this is a rustic camp building which with its unfinished walls, 17 years ago presented great opportunities in allowing the construction of some of the more fun aspects of the building. Greg likes to build, so when not working on new illusions or restoring old props, he gets the urge to start cutting holes in floors and walls, making secret or unexpected doorways and passageways. Past the painting of the giant rabbit is the main room, which at times is class room, lecture hall, prop construction site, rehearsal hall, meeting area and theatre. For show times on its 6’x12’ stage, the main room can seat about 85. The floor area of the main room is the same size as the stage of the camp’s 800 seat theatre, so when an act such as “Don Wayne’s Floating Ball”, “Metamorphoses”, or “Shadow Box” requires the full stage area and timing is critical to being comfortable with moving in that larger space, the room becomes the stage and the small stage becomes the audience area. To stage left is a classroom/Library. Over the years the instructors have compiled an impressive collection of books and videos to the point that it became evident that a library was needed to properly display these items. For those young magicians wishing to search materials for a new routine, or expand on what is being taught in the classes, the information can be found here. When shows are presented in the magic building the hidden doors serve a practical use, connecting the card room, office and library to create a large back stage area for the performers, and easy access to either side of the audience. After using up all the floor space for stage, classrooms, office and prop room, the high ceiling with open rafters provided an excellent opportunity for expansion upward, so Clinton scrounged up an old staircase which Greg rebuilt to fit the space and up we went. The 100 VANISH Magazine