Vanish Magic Magazine Paul Romhany Edition 26 - Page 92

BEHIND THE SCENES BEHIND THE SCENES: I SUCKED AT THE MAGIC CASTLE SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO. T hat’s right, I admit it. I once sucked at the Magic Castle. What’s so crazy about the whole thing is that I totally “killed it” in the audition. And then for an entire week in the Palace of Mystery I proceeded to flat-out suck. There’s no other way to say it. But the week wasn’t a total disaster. I walked away with a big fat check (Ha Ha), tangible proof that I had performed at the Magic Castle. I also came away with some observations about performing that I feel the need to share so you don’t have to suck anywhere on any stage---ever. Back in the day when the Zig-Zag was all the rage (yeah, that many years ago), I did a Monday night audition at the Magic Castle. To my delight my manipulation act----an act that I had performed whenever and wherever I could during my years as a starving Pharmacy student at Washington State University---was a hit. After the curtain closed, Peter Pitt came up to me and exclaimed, “Zeer goed!” which I later found out meant, “Very good!” Pitt told me that he really liked my dice-themed act---dice appeared, vanished, and multiplied in flashes of colored light, ending with the flash production of a giant die---and he said that he wanted to book me in the Palace right away. Needless to say I was in magic heaven. My dream of doing a week in the Palace and receiving big ovations night after night was about to come true, or so I thought. Doug Bennett