Vance AFB Relocation Guide 2019-2020 - Page 55

Preservation District has 287 historic homes, two churches and one apartment building. Most homes in this district were built between 1906 and the 1920s. Waverley embraces a twenty-four-block area, eleven blocks west of downtown Enid. These historic districts each have a walking-tour brochure available through the Greater Enid Chamber of Com- merce. Call 580-237-5432 for more information or to pick up a brochure. Local Attractions Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center Located at 507 S. 4th, the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center and Humphrey Heritage Village stand side by side on the west side of Enid’s his- toric Government Springs Park. Histori- cal artifacts in the museum tell the story of the Cherokee Strip Land Run and Oklahoma events dating from 1540 to the present. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children. Military & under 5 are free, Seniors $3.00. 580-237-1907. The Humphrey Heritage Village This attraction includes the Glidewell Home, an elaborate Victorian style house that has been refurbished. The original land office, where pioneers lined up to file their claims after the great land run of 1893, is on the premises, as well as Enid’s oldest church and an original one-room schoolhouse. Open Tuesday through Friday 9am-5pm, Sat. & Sun 2pm-5pm. 580-237-1907. David Allen Memorial Ballpark is the finest high school baseball facility in the United States. It is the venue for many regional and national high school, Connie Mack, and college tournaments. For more information, call Bill Mayberry at 580-548-0396 or visit the website at 301 South Grand Ave. Simpson’s Old Time Museum Come see where westerns are made! Visit Simpson’s Old Time Museum and Skeleton Creek Productions Movie Studio and step back into the Old West. Listen to honky-tonk piano music and sip an ice cold sarsaparilla in the 1880s saloon. If you get too rowdy you might get taken to the marshal’s office and thrown in our 1880s jail. Visit our 1880s hotel lobby complete with stairway and see our hotel hall- way and authentic hotel room. Come witness how the cowboys lived in a real line shack, shop in our General Store, or have a quiet moment in our 1880s church. All are full-sized movie sets used in Skeleton Creek’s action-packed family westerns. In fact, the Stormy Lane Fan Club, based on our three movie heroes, now has members all across Oklahoma and in 40 other states and three foreign countries. Simpson’s Old Time Museum has a wide variety of collections and artifacts. Hop-along Cassidy memorabilia, base- ball collectibles, train sets, and a wide range of military items from the Cavalry days through WWII are just a few of the many displays found in the museum. Bring your camera and come join in the fun! We’re right downtown and just a few blocks away at 228 E. Randolph or give us a call at (580) 234-4998 or (580) 541-2831. It’s all free and we’d love to have you! Leona Mitchell Southern Heights Heritage Center and Museum, located at 616 Leona Mitchell Blvd., provides life-long learning opportunities in appreciation of the ancestry, heritage and history of Ethnic Native Americans of the Americas, Ethnic Pioneer Set- tlers and African Ancestral Americans. Exhibits include, “The Leona Mitch- ell Collection”, Ethnic Indians of the Americas, Booker T. Washington and Carver School Experience and more. Hours of Operation are 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Saturday. Admission is free, and donations are welcome. Large groups and Sunday tours by special ar- rangement only. 55