Vance AFB Relocation Guide 2019-2020 - Page 50

SHOPPING For most women and some men, two needs must be met—finding the best shopping and hair stylist in town. The easiest way to locate a hair stylist and other beauty treatments is to ask around—if someone has a great cut and color, find out who did it. Or, be more traditional and consult your telephone directory or newspaper. Finally, if you haven’t seen a good hair day in months and your skin is looking as dull as wilted celery, just hop in your car and start driving. While driving around town (albeit, wear- ing your favorite cap), you’re bound to find stores that carry most things on your shopping list. With eleven shopping centers all offering something a little dif- ferent, shopping in Enid is best tackled by location. • Downtown Enid a six-block shopping square framed by Independence, Grand, Randolph, and Maine. • Oakwood Mall Oakwood and Garriott • Sycamore Square Willow and Cleveland • Heritage Hills Shopping Center - Willow and Cleveland • Indian Hills Shopping Center Johnson and Garriott • Neilson Square 3400 W. Garriott • South Van Buren Square north of Rupe and Van Buren • Northgate Shopping Center Willow and Van Buren • Sunset Plaza southwest corner of Garriott and Cleveland • Varsity Square 30th and Randolph • La Mesa West Randolph and Oakwood • Westgate Shopping Center Owen K. Garriott and Cleveland. • Willow Plaza Willow and Cleveland. • Oakwood Centre 50 Garriott and Oakwood. • Williamsburg Square Hayes and Garriott. • Mulberry Plaza Mulberry and Van Buren. DISCOVER DOWNTOWN ENID When you first cruise down US 412, also known as Owen K. Garriott, you’ll be greeted by familiar restaurants and stores on both sides of the street. But don’t forget to drive around and explore! Enid’s downtown square, located East of Van Buren on Broadway and Randolph is just a few blocks north of Garriott. The downtown district is home to high quality gift shops, jewelry galleries, coffee houses, a newly renovated public library and other fine businesses. Just off the square you’ll also find Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse (awesome for kids!) and the David Allen Memorial Ballpark. The downtown district is also home to some great restaurants including Napolis, Cal- lahan’s and more. BEAUTY & PAMPERING IN ENID Although Enid is smaller than some cities you may have lived in before, there are still plenty of places for professional hair, nail, facial, massage and other pampering services. Enjoy a massage on base (check hours and rates at the gym), or go off base to one of the beautiful spas or salons in town. The prices are very reason- able compared to large metropolitan areas and the services are top notch. Lots of women will treat themselves to a massage or a pedicure on oc- casion, and everyone loves a great haircut! Or, consider having a girls day at a local spa. Couples massages are also offered at some locations.