Vance AFB Relocation Guide 2019-2020 - Page 30

GET INVOLVED To find out what’s happening at Vance go to or for service information, text alerts and facebook links. Beat the blues and make the most of your military experience in Enid by getting involved. Don’t miss out on local news and events; subscribe to The Enid News and Eagle by calling 580-233-6600 or visit them online at If this is your first military move and you are weighed down with general ques- tions, military-specific queries or are just plain confused, rest assured—you are not alone and you’re not the first—there’s help everywhere. Perhaps this is not your first move, but it is your first time in Enid. You may just need some questions answered regarding how to best get involved in the commu- nity, while some of you may want to find a place of worship and get involved with a church. If you fit any of the above profiles, read on. Although every program and organiza- tion cannot be listed, you’ll find a list of key military and community organizations and programs. management assistance, spouse employ- ment assistance, families with special needs, family development education, tran- sition assistance and Air Force Aid Society applications. • Information and Referral (580) 213-6330 Services: This program links individuals and families with the right resources to meet specific needs. The information and referral specialist is available for interviews to help determine needs and to suggest referral agencies. Community and base resource phone numbers and addresses along with specific information on services offered and available. • Transition Assistance (580) 213-6330 Services: Provides separating or retiring military members and DoD civilians and their families with individualized assistance to transition to civilian life and careers. Five-day seminars are designed to provide appropriate skills and information. Military Programs & Services Studio 71 Bldg. 500, Rm 3 (580) 213-7950/(580)213-6176 Web site: Service: Print shop open to all with base access, including copying, laminating, binding and large format poster printing (ie: Plane cockpits) Air Force Aid Society Bldg. 314 (580) 213-6330 Service: Emergency interest-free loans for basic living expenses, which include needs like food, rent, utilities, etc. Within certain limits, dental and medical assistance, travel for personal emergencies, education, and vehicle repair. Airman & Family Readiness Center Bldg. 314 (580) 213-6330 Services: This program assists families in all aspects of family readiness, including assistance and support to families through- out all stages of mobilization, deployment, separation, reunion, readjustment as well as local or national emergencies, disasters, and evacuations. It also focuses on financial 30 Child Development Center Bldg. 336 (580) 213-7310 Service: All-day infant, toddler, and preschool care. Preschool enrichment programs are available during the academic year. Civilian Personnel Bldg. 500, Rm 124 (580) 213-7813 Service: Provides key employment and administrative functions in support of recruitment, staffing and placement of internal Air Force employees as well as ex-