Vance AFB Relocation Guide 2019-2020 - Page 21

FINDING For many, finding a home is the most stressful component of mov- ing. There’s no question about it, a place to live is essential. If you want to live on base, contact Hunt Com- panies at (580)234-0498 or Vance Family Housing (580)213-5410 or (580)213-5420. This visit will get you on a housing list as well as pro- vide some idea of how long it will take for a house to become available. Be aware, many moving veter- ans who want to live on base have already faxed their orders to this office and have been able to get on the housing list in a timely manner. They are usually offered a home rather promptly—it’s just a skill that comes along with experience (or age, depending upon how you look at it.) But, luck may very well be on your side and a house on base may be ready and waiting for you to move right on in. Rental Properties & Apartments If you wish to or must rent hous- ing off-base, there are plenty of homes and apartments available. Again, the Housing Referral office will be able to assist you in finding a rental. The folks here have plenty of resources listing rental properties, and for your safety and well-being, every rental recommended by this A Home office must adhere to certain strict guidelines in order to be approved and recommended. Contact Hous- ing Referral office at 580-213-5410. Purchasing a home Purchasing a home is an extremely personal choice and should be made after adequate deliberation. Many who have purchased a home in Enid enjoyed their lifestyle. Enid has many realtors who can assist a first-time buyer as well as a seasoned one. Properties in Enid range from beautiful historic homes to brand- spanking new. Be sure to do your homework. Several pages of homes for sale are listed each Sunday in the “Homes” section of the Enid News & Eagle. Or, click on the homes icon at the top of for a full look at neighborhoods and homes for sale. Visit the Loan Locker (Linen Exchange) Although you might be squared away and have a place to live, your inbound household goods could still be in transit. Now what are you going to do—sleep on the floor and order pizza for the next week? That’s always an option, but you can also visit the Loan Locker on base. These folks have cots, coffee pots, irons and more to keep you functioning until your beloved pillow-top mat- tress arrives. Open 8:00am-4:45pm. Call 580-213-7348 for more infor- mation or visit Bldg. 244. 21