Van Glam Magazine October 2012 Edition - Page 2


This is the third edition of “Van Glam Magazine” and while putting these editions together we are learning la lot about putting together something that is interesting, informative, motivating and above all entertaining.

We are excited about this issue as it brings together interesting and very attractive clients from all over the North West coastal provinces and states in both Canada and The USA. Travelling to capture some of thee beauties is one of the great pleasures of my pleasure of the photography business. Visiting interesting locations and meeting new people is always a very rewarding experience.

This Edition came together quickly but we are late publishing it due to some technical glitches that hampered the proper printing of the final product. These issues have been resolved and we feel confident that you will enjoy the on line version as well as the printed version should you wish to purchase it.

We have not included any advertising with this version as we do not actually seek out advertisers or sponsors but simply include those who sponsor or volunteer to participate in some way in a session.

We are still developing a refining our format but we at least have the production phase well in hand and will follow this edition up with a November edition which is hopefully going to be published before the end of November.

As usual there are a number of people to thank but no one more than those who support the production of this publication with their extraordinary stories, wonderful personalities and beautiful features

I/We hope you enjoy this edition, and do not forget to tell us how we are doing on our Van Glam FB page.