Valente Academy LawArt 2018_03-04_Thoughts in Chiaroscuro

Valente Academy INTANGIBLE TURNING TANGIBLE Valente Associati GEB Partners is a leading firm providing legal, tax, and strategic management consulting services. ( THOUGHTS IN CHIAROSCURO “The Supper at Emmaus” (1606) 2018 by Caravaggio Caravaggio baffles Teaching and learning are two of the most with the put the focus on the three table predominant darkness (i.e., scuro) mates, the language of the hands of the contours in this warm and of each commensal and the single intimate expressions. chiaroscuro tableau that captures a very special and Christ’s intimate moment: a dinner in the characteristic gesture of a teacher life of the Resurrected Christ after who is instructing and awakening his encounter with two of his the attention of his pupils or even disciples – who had not recognized reprimanding them. him – on the way to Emmaus. The two disciples’ undivided and The lighter effects (i.e., chiaro) fervent CARAVAGGIO Caravaggio was considered the spearheading Master of the chiaroscuro style, i.e., the Italian term for “tenebrism”. Tenebrism is a style that plays with lights and shadows to create very dramatic effects. Dutch Masters such as Rubens, and later 17 th Century lifted attention hand may is be the clearly evinced by the position of their leaning bodies  towards the speaker, while their evident surprise may be deduced by the left hand of one disciple’s clutching the table, and the open left hand of the other. The demeanor of both expresses momentary disbelief, confusion and recognition of the Master – at last – as He is blessing the bread; a gesture so uniquely peculiar to Jesus such to cause his identity to be finally and unequivocally  revealed. important processes that accompany man throughout his entire life. Both processes occur in all walks of life, although some occupations require life- long study and commitment and this is the case for the legal profession. The legal practice, as one of the most demanding professions, compels to ongoing education and hands-on practice, all of which goes well beyond the class-room, in view of the fact that knowledge and experience are not strictly confined to the limited walls of the academic world but continue developing in the professional environment and in the real world as well. Ever since our first day at school and all the way through our post-graduate courses, we quickly learned that attentive listening, dedication, commitment and a focused intention to grow into a full- fledged and respectable human being, whether within the profession or in other milieus, is always the best investment. Spanish and Italian painters were greatly influenced by his style. One of Caravaggio’s main characteristics was an incomparable ability to penetrate the mental and emotional state of his subjects, rather than merely depicting physical features of people and settings. Copyright © Valente Academy