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Valente Academy INTANGIBLE TURNING TANGIBLE Valente Associati GEB Partners is a leading firm providing legal, tax, and strategic management consulting services. ( KNOWLEDGE INSIDE 2018 “Norse Warrior and His Son” –  Bronze Sculpture by Emile Laporte – (French, 1858-1907) to their children, while also emphasizing the all-important role, the The Mentor forgetting the various other mentors that have enriched our lives. Very few are endowed with the rare gift of innate knowledge, the rest of us Many are the people and teachers we should be thanking for all – or almost require someone to guide and show us the way in all facets of our lives. all – we learned, or know.  Teaching starts at home, from our earliest childhood until we reach A subtle and almost imperceptible fil rouge traces our learning path adulthood and beyond. throughout our lives. To our parents we owe everything, since to them While our first steps are most likely to be encouraged by our mothers, we owe our own existence (i.e., the most precious gift, which is life itself).  our fathers play an equally important role. They helped us walk, talk, and fall asleep with some enchanting Both have the precise duty to help us become full-fledged adults and story or wonderful fairy tale; fairy tales did not only help honest citizens whose main aspiration should be to help society, and the us fall asleep with a smile, but had also the precise purpose world, become a “better place” also thanks to our personal contribution. of stimulating our intellect, rouse our curiosity, fire the The message contained in this life-like work of art clearly imagination and broaden our horizons by teaching us new things. conveys the strong bond in this father-and-son relationship. We certainly owe a lot to our teachers as well: to all those who took over father – as first mentor – in the life of his offspring has; all this without the development of our personal growth in a just as caring and The father is the hardy warrior: a full-fledged adult whose essential role, albeit different from that of our parents, since demeanor exudes strength, pride and courage and that unique there was always someone who took our learning to heart: self-assurance that only matures after many victorious battles. from the first day at kindergarten to our most fulfilling graduation His right arm is uplifted with his index finger pointing day in College or, when some kind of special satisfaction – owing towards a faraway point, which may be a specific target, or some strategic advice he is sharing with the young future to our knowledge expansion, or to some particularly meaningful acknowledgement – somehow brightened our existence. warrior he is trying to forge. There was always a guide on our path, who took us by the hand The son’s attentive listening denotes the latter’s filial devotion and knew how to spark our intellect, rekindle our learning along with a respectful and obedient attitude towards his father’s abilities when discouragement would set in; to those who knew how to teachings, while the deep affection between the two is almost palpable. draw out our specific talents by encouraging and helping us overcome The sculptor skillfully caught the essence of the importance of how our teenage shyness, or by surmounting other obstacles which might profound this bond is between this father and his son. somehow have obstructed a serene and holistic development of our individual self – from childhood into full adulthood – in all areas of our The two roles in this relationship are well defined: the father does not merely personal and professional sphere of life. epitomize a father’s protective and duty-bound instinct towards his child, A special thought should go to those who did not only teach, but actually but in this instance, the parent is also playing the role of mentor to his son, helped us understand the important things of life, those who actually as he is evidently teaching the youth the art of warfare, (as a vital survival drove us to do “hands-on”, and especially to those who inspired and technique), or the so-called “tricks of the trade”, which were crucial then nurtured, not only our minds, but also formed our conscience, elevated and are just as fundamental nowadays. our spirit and raised our consciousness. Everything in this dynamic twosome is captivating. The greatest thanks should go to life itself, perhaps the sternest but surely Both figures give the impression that they are about to come to life and the most generous teacher of all... i.e., Life itself – this unique gift – start talking to their beholders: the facial expressions and attitudes of which is to be celebrated always, as the most exceptional and both statues are deeply touching in their superlative representation of unrepeatable experience of our own personal and distinctive this intimate and profound link that has since forever bound parents exhilarating moment in time. Copyright © Valente Academy