Valente Academy LawArt 2018_03-04_Idea Spawned

Valente Academy Valente Associati GEB Partners is a leading firm providing legal, tax, and strategic management consulting services. ( INTANGIBLE TURNING TANGIBLE IDEA-SPAWNED 2018 “La Pensée” (“The Thought”) “Scholar on a Bench” by Émile Louis Picault by Arthur Guillot Ideas may be either the natural children of Thought multiple doors to all kinds genius and creativity, or the offshoot of feeds on inspiration and of knowledge: i.e., practical intense brainstorming, or even an urgent develops through knowledge knowledge, technical know- response to collective needs (whether these to be acquired by drawing how, skills, special talents, be conscious or not). on ancient wisdom and genius and that one-of-a- The artist’s sculpting skill masterfully embodies science (papyruses scrolls kind characteristic, peculiar the birth of knowledge being delivered from the and of to each and every single rock, with wings spread out and, just as the arrow, ready to yesteryears) and today, by individual that is no one take a heaven-bound flight, soaring towards the utter stretches easily accessing to the most else’s.  of human science, as the torch of knowledge – the legacy impressive knowledge tank of learning and cognizance come down to us from our an- of all times, i.e., the Internet, All of the above are essential cestors through papyruses, parchments and books – which which allows knowledge to elements that constitute the has been burning since the mists of time, and will continue be available to anyone on a heritage of the entire human doing so throughout the ages, its being one of the most fer- planetary scale via digital race and represent a most vent and natural quests of the human spirit. means, and we may expect invaluable human capital Consultancy as the living upshot of an idea represents new digital means – faster, of knowledge resources to today the highest standard of professional and specialized smaller more which today’s professions advice at the service of society, based on extensive and sophisticated – to be booming, and occupations owe everything. in-depth knowledge of the law, expertise, know-how in view of the uncontainable and applied skills combined with the highest moral and proliferation of high-tech Knowledge comes in many ethical standards. inventors and the successful colors:  it may be the sum- Ideas shape peoples, worlds and history. IT impact on worldwide total of our own personal They shape us, as we go along, through a self-catalyzed economy. and/or empirical experiences, parchments and ever thought-generating process that expands in as many or that special gift known as directions as our interests, motivations, consciousness A further and most intriguing intuition (a.k.a. instinctual and will shall allow. element incorporated by the intelligence), sculptor’s genius in the statue clear perception of the refers to keys. truth, all of which – stated Keys – as an age-old symbol in other words – is that of knowledge, and especially inexplicable certainty of the of access to knowledge – are truth that surges from the not merely important but mind, reaching us within are at the heart of human a split-second, without the development and awareness, need of rational thinking, or and of civilizations in general. others’ further confirmation Keys and/or consent. “Coral and Doubts” by Jacques Antoine Théodore Coinchon This bronze masterpiece includes coral (one of the unsolved quandaries ever since the days of Aristotle: “is coral an animal or a plant”?). Aristotle did eventually classify coral as a hybridization of “plant-animals” he named “zoophyta”, while this superb work of art means to remind how important and stimulating doubt is in all of life’s facets, since nothing should be taken for granted or judged without further consideration, allow to “open” which is (cont...) Copyright © Valente Academy