V-Day Annual Report 2016 - ONE BILLION RISING: RISE FOR REVOLUTION 1 - Page 52

EQUALITY LABS (USA/INDIA) From hiring their first two staff members, to training 225 Dalit women and LGBTQ activists in seven Indian cities in social media, online and offline security measures, messaging and campaigning, to creating massive awareness for Dalit History Month, Equality Lab’s Dalit Women Fight effort, led by a team of Dalit women throughout India with Brooklyn and Berkeley based Thenmozhi Soundararajan at the helm, is creating massive awareness and bringing the stories of Dalit women front and center. The work has had great results, generating over 2 million impressions for Dalit History Month and building a partnership with a Dalit Queer Legal Scholar at UC Berkeley and UCLA who is looking at how to deconstruct the many bodies vulnerable under Brahmin cis-patriarchy. It was a great launching point for their work on sexual violence. Equality Labs also stopped a frightening Hindu fundamentalist campaign in California with the goal of erasing Dalits and religious cultural minorities from California textbooks. Over the course of three weeks, via delivered opinion pieces and investigative reports, their efforts got coverage in The New York Times, Salon and NBC, and hundreds of Dalit, Muslim, Sikh, Ravidassi and Buddhist families were activated to overturn the fundamentalist agenda. Thanks to the work of Equality Labs and these individuals, Dalits and other cultural minorities are represented in the curriculum.