V-Day Annual Report 2016 - ONE BILLION RISING: RISE FOR REVOLUTION 1 - Page 43

CHRISTINE SCHULER DESCHRYVER V-Day Congo Director and Director of City of Joy, Christine Schuler Deschryver received an award for her humanitarian assistance to those in from the Fondation François Ryckmans in Belgium. FARTUUN ADNAN EVE ENSLER Theatre Within honored Eve with the “John Lennon Free Love Award” as part of the 3WFVVG&'WFRsWF&'FF6VV'&FB7琥76RWr&6Gࠤf'GWVFwFRbF7Ff7BB% 6Ɩ6&FF"&V6VfVBFR&W7FvW2#P( vVG6FW&F7Ff7Bv&N( FvWFW vFW"FVvFW"vBV&F&RfVFW'0bVV6RBV&vG26VFW"67FW 6ƖFRv&B2vfV'FR'f&@VVG666VFW"f"V&Ɩ2VFW'6ࠤ4TtR`5$ԔU5D4P&'F7F&FW2vW&P&W6VFVBFb&&BV&W &W&:7&V6rBWfRv&F7R&WBFV 66W7F6Rv&ࠤt$E0U544DW766FFR%"6FfR6&FF"v2֖FVBBv6Ff^( 2Vp&fW76f"FRV"#bB6FVVBF6WFRBFR7FFRWfVvrFR7FFPFFR2( WrW6( 2Vr&fW76bFPV"#b( Р