V-Day Annual Report 2016 - ONE BILLION RISING: RISE FOR REVOLUTION 1 - Page 30

TRENDING GLOBALLY, REVOLUTION WAS REFLECTED ACROSS SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDING HASHTAGS #onebillionrising, #rise4revolution and #1billionrising took over social media, trending on Twitter in the Philippines, Germany, Italy, Austria, London, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munchen. Tens of thousands of images, videos, art, and messages of support and defiance spread across our networks on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. MEDIA One Billion Rising received vast coverage in media across the globe with tens of thousands of outlets covering l 6WfVG2VF6fW&vRbWfR@V^( 2G&fV2FR&6Rf &WfWFFW"v2WFV6fPvFFW'fWw2BV67Fࠠ