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alumni series

sAMRA KhanBA'14

Q: If you were to do one thing differently during your undergrad, what would it be? Why?

A: If I could do one thing differently, without a second thought, it would be studying abroad and being part of an exchange program. That is one thing I definitely missed out on, and it’s unfortunate because UW offers more than 140 different exchanges with universities in over 36 countries. I feel that by going on an exchange while in undergrad, I would have gained exposure to foreign environments, developed awareness, and not to mention, unforgettable memories.

Q: What would be the best piece of advice you would give students?

A: Attend your classes and enjoy every bit of your university experience! Students have probably heard the first bit many times, but I can’t stress its importance enough. Not attending classes prevents us from getting a full university experience. I know it’s often hard to get up early and make your way to class (been there, done that), but you would be surprised by how much you can cut your study time later on. Additionally, classes allow you interaction with your professor and peers. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your university experience; this time does not come back and as you will soon learn, it will probably be some of the most fun and memorable years of your life.

Q: What did you want to be "when you grew up"?

A: Every few days, I would come up with something new that I wanted to be. Archaeologist, astronaut, scientist, doctor, entrepreneur; I’ve literally wanted to be it all as a child! But more than anything else, I have wanted to make a difference and help those around me. That is something I have continuously sought and most of the time found, when looking at my career choices/job opportunities. And to a great extent, I feel like I have been able to find a lot of meaning in what I now do.