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6. Study with a group of people that will distract you

Sometimes teaching material to others can help you remember it yourself however, choose who you’re studying with wisely. Precious time can easily be wasted if your with a group of people that distract you. Remember, time is money!

7. Stay on social media

Deactivate your twitter, facebook, and Instagram for a couple of days until after your done exams. You will avoid those annoying notifications from messages which lead you to scroll down the newsfeed for an hour.

8. Over study

Not allowing yourself to take small breaks cause brain fog. This will lead you to sit there and read something which is not sinking into your mind and just waste time. Take a 15 minute snack break or exercise break after a couple of hours of studying.

9. Drink loads of caffeine

Drinking many energy drinks can lead to hospitalization. Drinking a vast amount of caffeine can also lead to headaches, an upset stomach, increased blood pressure, and muscle aches.

10. Panic

Anxiety leads to stress and poor performance on tests. Practise deep breathing exercises to help calm down. Talk to a friend, counsellor, or tutor for more help with studying.

Author: Navnit Singh

Date 2016-03-23