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Prof Mixer

End of the Term Event Review

In the end of this semester, the UW Economics Society hosted their annual prof mixer event in the Grad House. The event aims to encourage students networking with their professors and some other students interested in economics.

Lots of students from all the majors stepped away from their heavy workloads on Tuesday, March 1st, to take part in this amazing event. Professors and students had interesting conversations along with food and drinks. Thank you to everyone that showed up to this event, even though Waterloo was experiencing it's biggest snow storm of the year."This is amazing, I got a chance to know my professor!" said a student.

Meanwhile, the participants also played triva and congratulations to our winning team----professor Chausse's team!

This event is highly recommand by many students and we are looking forward to seeing you guys in our next prof mixer event!

Special thanks to all the professors who came out!

Pierre Chausse Kathleen Rodenburg

Larry Smith Alexander Busch

Million Tadesse Aytenfisu

Event Review: Jiayin Song

Academic Director