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All of these experiences did not dissuade Kathleen from pursuing her passion in the industry (although she did consider opening up a coffee shop at one point) but instead encouraged her to work harder. She found a job opportunity at Russell Investments and went into the interview without much experience in the position that was offered. However, she was honest in her interview, telling them about her history and her pursuit for a change in her career path. This approach worked, and she was offered the job. Now 15 years later, she is in a respected senior position, and she came to Waterloo to inspire students with her story.

Kathleen is a powerful ally for women in Capital Markets. Helping women enter the field of Capital Markets, she has been a long time member of the Toronto based Women in Capital Markets network. She often meets with young women interested in the industry for coffee, helping them with problems they may encounter. She also gave a few tips in her presentation:

1.Stand up for yourself (She was ignored for a promotion but, rather than accept the oversight, she made a case to her manager and got the promotion.)

2.If you don’t want to go to work and are unhappy, find a new job.

3.Be flexible and just go where things take you.

4.Take a pay cut or demotion if it opens the doors to opportunity for a rewarding job.

5.Realize that no matter what, everything happens for a reason. (She would not trade any of her experiences)

6.Decide what is really important for you.

7.Don’t be afraid to try new things.

8.Do the absolute best you can.

Kathleen noted that many people are afraid to talk to lawyers, but advises that lawyers can help you get a better severance package. Furthermore, human resource can help deal with conflicts at work, every relationship is different and needs figuring out, and transitions are awful and scary but completely worth it. Kathleen Wylie is an extraordinary woman who despite adversity was able to succeed in the financial service industry. Thank you Kathleen for the amazing opportunity to hear about your experiences, it was invaluable.


Event Review by George Liuin

Co-President, UW Economics Society