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USTradelines offers Seasoned Tradelines at low prices USTradelines assures to help in boosting credit score at affordable prices by providing top notch seasoned tradelines at way lower rates than our competitors. July 10, 2017: Consumers struggling with bruised credit scores can finally heave a sigh of relief. Leading Tradelines Company USTradelines is extending premium credit-boosting seasoned tradelines at a fraction of the cost compared to what is available on the current market. All its tradelines carry utilization rates (outstanding balances) which are less than 10% of credit limit. “There is no dearth of tradelines in the market but those are usually expensive and add to the burden faced by consumers with poor credit scores. Other tradeline sellers charge from $700.00 to $5,000.00 depending on the age and limit., but that is never the case with USTradelines. We understand your situation and hence present the seasoned tradelines at affordable rates, less than $300.00 and, they are always guaranteed to post”, said a leading spokesperson from USTradelines. Seasoned tradeline can be defined as a revolving credit line which is at least 2 years old & holds good standing. It helps one to improve credit rating by signing up as a secondary authorized user with another person’s (one with excellent credit rating) seasoned and premium credit account. When you purchase a quality seasoned tradeline, its positive history would be shown on your credit report – which would thereby boost up your credit rating. The practice is also termed as “piggybacking”. The best part is that good seasoned lines will improve a weak credit score much faster compared to what it takes to enhance the rating normally. Despite all the debates and myths, piggybacking is legal. Congress passed the Equal Credit Opportunity Act in 1974 which made piggybacking legal. “When you purchase a tradeline from us, we immediately add you as an authorized user of the tradeline. Your name, SSN, and birth date all will be added to your chosen tradeline to establish you as an authorized user. Simultaneously, the outstanding balance, payment history, credit limit & age of credit card that you’re added to- will be noted on your credit report. Don’t worry; secondary authorized users won’t have to take any responsibility of the debts and other financial obligation of the primary account holder. It’s a safe and very effective process to improve your credit score.” All the credit lines bought from USTradelines will be reported to credit bureau. The buyers will have to create an account with credit monitoring organization which will enable them to see tradelines posed to their credit report. Once a user purchases a tradeline from, it will show up on his credit report for 3 to 4 weeks till it drops off. “We only sell top notch seasoned tradelines that can actually improve your credit rating. All our tradelines hold outstanding balances which are less than 10-15% of credit card limit. Moreover, we are very particular about our tradelines and thus only sell tradelines with perfect payment history. There is no risk of missed payments with our tradelines.”