USG Boral USG Boral Corporate Brochure - Page 14

INNOVATION IN ACTION RESIDENTIAL PLASTERING CONTRACTOR, MATT WILKINSON PLASTERING PLASTERBOARD CARTER, SHANE LEHMANN TRANSPORT CONTRACTS MANAGER, USG BORAL LININGS You can get from room to room easier; it’s flexible and strong going along hallways and around corners. Less strain on your lower back, easier work when you’re holding it up on your shoulders. When you score and snap, it’s a lot crisper... and doesn’t seem to sag as much as our old board used to. It’s a lot easier than the heavier board, definitely a lot lighter and it obviously has more strength in it. It’s going to make our day a lot easier, a lot quicker – and it’s going to save the boss money on fuel every day. It’s going to start a new revolution… I was blown away. It’s sufficiently l ѕȁѡЁɔɕ́ݥ)ѡ݅Q́ݥѼ)Ёեȁѕȸ((0