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Children love to have their own space, and it’s all the more special if they get to have a say in how it looks. That’s precisely the way it worked for the family living in this extensively remodeled home – each of the four children had their own appointment with interior designer Kimberly Grigg of Knotting Hill Interiors. “Each child was able to tell 72 me their likes and dislikes and favorite colors, and discuss what was important to them,” the designer says. “The only overriding theme requested by the owners, was that we choose the sustainable option wherever possible.” The soft lavender and green bedroom on the previous pages belongs to the eldest daughter, who loves horse riding and is an avid reader. search | save | share at “This daughter had stayed at the Michelangelo Hotel in New York and also loved the idea of vintage furnishings with an edge,” says Grigg. “We provided her with lots of places to curl up with a book – on the chaise, the window seats or on the bed, which has two swing-arm lamps. There are also lots of bookshelves and two recycled nightstands that we painted green.”