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“The rainbow created the focal point, from which everything else in the bathroom could radiate out from,” says Wilson. “We thought, how wonderful it would be for a child to lie in bed and catch a glimpse through the doorway of the sun peeping out from behind the rainbow.” Wilson says the space was not without its challenges, however. During construction, the ceiling height had to be lowered by 12in, so the rainbow needed to move down the wall, which impacted on the mirror and lighting. “The mirror was redesigned as a collection of circles that represent bubbles, which could be positioned so they don’t conflict with the rainbow. The planned bubble light fixture was changed to a shorter crystal style with LED downlights, so it still looks like floating bubbles.” To make room for a bathtub that was a late request, the team took some space from the adjoining balcony, rebuilding the exterior wall. “The specially ordered Bisazza tiles were reconfigured to fit the changed space, and the ceiling painted blue. The final result is a bathroom that appeals to the child in us all.” Preceding pages and facing page: Colorful Bisazza mosiac tiles create a brilliant rainbow in this child’s bathroom, designed by Royston Wilson. To make space for the bathtub – a late addition – the room was pushed out towards the balcony and a new exterior wall built. Above: The cantilevered vanity has a Mountain Bluebird Staron top that complements the blue in the tiles and the dark blue ceiling that resembles the sky above. search | save | share at 65