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Editor Kathleen Kinney – President Judy Johnson – FROM THE PUBLISHER When one considers that it’s a space with an essentially concise purpose, and typically one of the smallest rooms in the home, it’s amazing that we’re able to publish upwards of 80 different bathrooms every year. In this issue, we cover a wide range of projects from across the country and around the world. @DavidJideas We open with master suites, including a fairytale-inspired woodland retreat. This, our opening TrendsPublishingUSA story, is from designer Bill Cook’s own vacation retreat. As a focal point, a deep sunken tub is positioned directly in front of a large, traditional wood-burning fireplace – a double-sided design that is shared by both the bedroom and bathroom spaces. Smaller spaces, too, are examined – and you’ll see that physical constraints are no impediment to a talented designer’s imagination. These bathrooms offer maximum functionality, despite their compact presence. Children’s rooms, a special portfolio of bathroom vanities, and a number of glitzy powder rooms round out the issue. As usual, each of our editorials is augmented by a complete list of the relevant designers,retailers