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Blowing bubbles Restful and airy, this bathroom combines the solidity of Italian stone with a playful privacy divider Above: A picture of travertine tile, mirror and warm wood veneer, this bathroom by Shaun Lockyer Architects has a resort-like air. The company’s trademark S-shaped shelving is seen reflected in the mirror. The low ceiling over the bath niche conceals services while the tub echoes the organic curves of the basins. Fluorescent lighting and a skylight in the cutaway above mean the space is bathed in light. 48 Sometimes a straightforward approach can bring out the best in a bathroom. A simple material palette and division of use can evoke a sense of space and tranquility. This bathroom by architect Shaun Lockyer has a modest footprint but still achieves an expansive feel. Several factors contribute to this, says Lockyer. “Floor and walls are finished in travertine tiles – the uniform look is restful and spa-like, and enhances the sense of space. Countertops are in Italian marble and we specified standing basins to further the resort-like ambiance.” search | save | share at The shower enclosure is at one end of the long, narrow space and the bath is set into a niche at the other, again accentuating the impression of plenty of room to move. “A wall-length mirror doubles the space visually, and the glass shower enclosure and semi-transparent, acrylic privacy screen avoid blocking extended sightlines,” says Lockyer. Lighting design makes its contribution to the spa-like feel. A set-back ceiling allows light to filter in from above, and placing the glass louvers high up addresses privacy issues – the house is in close proximity to its neighbors.