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Awaken your senses A long soak in a hot bath is all the more relaxing when you can engage all the senses with the ThermaSens™ therapeutic bath from BainUltra® Above: Slipping into the new ThermaSens™ bath from BainUltra is like immersing yourself in the calm and soothing waters of a lake. Designed to provide a sense of fulfillment and tranquility, the ThermaSens bath features three silent technologies that cater to your sense of sight, smell, touch and hearing. 40 In these busy times, it is crucial to be able to take time out to recharge your batteries. And often it is the simplest things that are the most restorative – like a lazy soak in a hot bath. BainUltra, the company that introduced the renowned Thermomasseur® air jet baths to the market, has taken the concept of bath therapy to the next level. The company says its new category of therapeutic bath, ThermaSens™, is the first to offer therapies supported by three of the most advanced technologies on the market, which are all designed to enhance a feeling of wellbeing and awaken your senses. search | save | share at All of the technologies provide a quiet, peaceful sense of escape, with therapeutic benefits. For example, ThermaSens features AromaCloud™, an aromatherapy diffuser that is seamlessly incorporated into the deck of the bath. This releases a fine haze of essential oils that are readily absorbed. The soothing mist of the AromaCloud is combined with Chromatherapy for a harmonious synergy. A fully integrated light system lets you experience the energy vibrations and restorative power of the various hues. The third key technology provided in the