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As our homes increasingly open up to shared, highly social spaces, there’s a corresponding need for bathrooms to be transformed into inner sanctuaries – places for personal retreat and reflection. In such spaces, every element, from the super showerhead to the smallest soap dispenser, helps to achieve an aura of calm and personal expression. Leading Italian fittings and fixtures producer Gessi recognized the bathroom’s importance as a place of private wellness more than 20 years ago. The company also recognized that the shower, as the center of our daily routine, should provide both an opportunity for exceptional relaxation and the same aesthetic pleasure as a treasured piece of art. Larry Allen, CEO managing director of Gessi North America, says Gessi has created a new style of living. “Gessi products are designed to be experienced,” he says. “They allow the user to enjoy personal spaces that offer a new sense of wellbeing.” To this end, Gessi has designed a spa Above: There has never been a better time to transform your bathroom into an idyllic personal retreat. The Gessi Mimi collection is a transitional design that is carried through from the showerhead into faucets, basins, mirrors, towel racks, towel bars, benches and soap and lotion dispensers. Coordinating your bathroom fixtures and fittings imbues a sense of tranquility and helps to turn your bathroom into your own private wellness center. search | save | share at 37