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A place by the river To complement an idyllic, marshland setting, this master suite appears to have evolved over time – much like cabins in a hunting lodge or fishing camp A peninsula in the marshlands of the South Carolina Low Country, with water on three sides, is an enviable location for a vacation home. Because the setting is so compelling and has a long history, the property owners Rick and Kathy Fairman, wanted their vacation home to reflect the local architectural heritage rather than the McMansion-style houses popping up elsewhere in the neighborhood. Interior designer Gregory Vaughan of Kelley Designs Inc says the house has a 32 board and batten exterior, and the rustic ambiance continues on the interior. “The master suite, for example, has painted butt boards on outside walls, and has been designed with the hunting lodge, fishing camp style in mind. Even the position of the suite – in a wing of its own off one end of the house – is designed to look as though the rooms could have evolved over many years. The bathroom, with its furniture pieces, could have once been a bedroom, with plumbing brought inside to provide facilities.” search | save | share at Vaughan says the starting point for the design was a glass-fronted armoire by Four Hands, found at the Highpoint International Furniture market. Made from reclaimed wood, the armoire has a white interior, which appealed to Kathy. “She also loves the armoire’s hardware mechanism, where the bolts open with the pull of a long rod.” The other furniture, including two recessed medicine chests copied from old photographs, was custom manufactured by John Zoot of Wood Creations.