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Designer: Iris Dankner, Iris Designs (New York, NY) Builder: Rick Fatigate Vanity: Donna Parker Antiques; vessel by Urban Archaeology Faucets: From Fancy Fixtures Wall treatments: Venetian plaster by Ricardo Brizola Flooring: Onyx mosaic from Fancy Fixtures Lighting: Antique Venetian glass Story by Charles Moxham Photography by Jamie Cobel Glamour and glitz Exotic finishes, sparkling highlights and a coffered ceiling create a mood of pampered seclusion in this powder room The powder room offers an opportunity for hosts to send a wordless assurance to their guests – you are important. The attention to detail lavished on this often small space is all about pampering and luxury. This rather grand powder room forms part of a wholehouse remodel by interior designer Iris Dankner. The owners had asked for a glamorous aesthetic throughout the interior and this extends to the powder room, says Dankner. “I designed a coffered ceiling to set the scene and introduced the textural appeal of Venetian plaster on the wall above a dado rail. The rail itself is made of tiny onyx tiles, which are repeated in larger format on the lower wall. “The floor is also finished in onyx, in the same small tile format as the dado rail.” Dankner chose a mirrored console for the vanity base, which supports a freestanding onyx bowl. An antique chandelier in Venetian glass and a mirror with an embellished frame contribute to the glamour and sense of private luxury. save | share Search 38914 at Facing page: Golden onyx tiles, albeit in a variety of formats, give this opulent powder room a serene air. A light sheer curtain contributes further texture. Above left : The room features a freestanding onyx bowl, its visual warmth and textural surface reflected in the mirror-topped console beneath. Engraved patterns on the antique mirror above add to the sense of richness. search | save | share at 95