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Touching aesthetic This kitchen offers colour, texture, and a dedicated work zone for every task Previous pages and right: Divide and rule – this kitchen renovation by Natalie Du Bois has several dedicated zones, including a television station tucked in beside the island. The mainly two-tone design celebrates contrast with reflective white cabinets set alongside stained grey door panels and dark wood battens that encase the island and conceal the ventilation above the cooking zone. Flos pendant lights over the island add a delicate touch. Multiple dedicated work zones and multiple surface finishes could be tricky to juggle in a kitchen project. However, it’s just these kinds of challenges that bring out the best in a designer. For this project, by designer Natalie Du Bois, the client wanted a multifunctional kitchen that would release them HHۜZ[وZ\\Y K\\Y][\YۙY[HZYY\˂'HXۙY\[HXH\YYHB^\[][[][KH\HXH˜ܙX]HH\وYX]Yܚۙ\8$[\XH܈\\[[[H]]B[K[H\ܙY][]\[ۈ\XK]\]\X][[[[ܛX[[[\XH8$[H[\\[H][K8'H^\H\˂܈Hݙ\[[Y[ HY[\]Y\YH]K][YY][۝\Y]\[X\]\^H\H[\[^\H[\ܙX]H[\\ 'H[XY[H\Y]Hو^\[Y[۝\[]HX]Y\YX[]]Hܚ^۝[ X][Y\[Z[Y܈[[[HZ]Y][]ܘ\\[H[[\[ 'B[Y][ۋH\Y]Hو[X]\X[\\Y܈HY\[ܚۙ\ˈ\™ܘ[]HۈHX[\[YYH\[HX\[HܙY[\[\ۈB\XXݙH[[H؈[[H[H\\X[[Z[[X[\BHX[][ۈوHܚ\]H[[Y\YۙH[X]Y]\[[X\X[][[HܙY[X]Y\YX[[˜[\Y\˂'HXY[\\\ۈH\[Z[˜[HYHH\[[\]H]X\]B[H^\Y X]\[\ \ۙH\ٝܙY[ۙ\]X\ۈHXHܙY[وB\X\XHZ[H\[ 8'HH^\˂H]\[܈ܛ[HۙH\Yۋ[HH[HZ[\Y[ZX\[Y[H\\H[ݙ[˂X\]H\H][YX\˘B