USA Trends Home Trends Vol 32 No 1 USA - Page 51

renovated and converted to a home at some stage. The secondary building – referred to as the annex – is a more modern single-storey structure that looks as if it is a recent addition to the property. With this backstory established, Cohen was then able to set about the design and detailing that supported it. Getting the stone right on the two-storey building proved particularly challenging. “We visited the inspirational winery, and the exterior stone used there wa \B\K[Y Hۙ\]H‚][\Y\ΈH]][XوHܙX]H\[[YHHܚY[[XY XZ[YY]HZ\ۈHZ[[[H\Y\Y[XHX[\˂X[YH[H][[YX[][XHܛHHX\وHYH\HBۙ\[]XوZ\[YKH[[[وX[]H[H][[H\BZ[[][HH][H[ Y\]Z\Y[\KXݙN[[Y\ۙHܚ[ۈH\][\ۘ\]Y\XYH[Hق\ܞHHوH[\[ܜ˂X\]H\H][YX\˘B