USA Trends Home Trends Vol 32 No 1 USA - Page 41

internal courtyard. The other axis follows a direct line from the living room back through a new elongated kitchen to the outdoors. “These sight lines don’t stop at the home’s boundaries, either,” says the architect. “We lined everything up so the neighbours’ trees to the rear and an established park to the front both further extend the green outlooks.” The rear views are also enhanced by work on the backyard garden and re-sited pool. “In this area, which slopes away from the house, we designed a new double garage with the requested flat on top. Supporting piles had Above: The heart of the matter – this glazed room offers the lightness and visual warmth of an internal courtyard. Existing wood floors were refinished and continued in the renovated areas of the design. Left: While most fenestrations are in wood, slender metal s X\ܜ›[\H[\[ܜHX\\[HX\Y[^[Y\[H\HHH۝ B\\HۛX\HBYX[][ۈHY X\]H\H][YX\˘B