USA Trends Home Trends Vol 31 No 12 USA - Page 57

Architect: John Rose, Renata Ratcliffe, Tanner Kibble Denton Architects (Sydney) Vanity cabinetry: Grey ironbark from Briggs Veneers Bath: Bathe Basins: Boyd Alternatives Small Oval Taps: Rogerseller Tonic Shower stall: Low-iron (Starfire) toughened frameless frosted glass from Viridian Shower fittings: Abey; Bathe, Rogerseller Accessories: DC Short; Rogerseller; Hydrotherm TR Flooring: Creme Royale slab from Calibre Tiles Wall tiles: Creme Royale from Calibre Tiles Lighting: Lite Source; O Luce Lanterna Suspension; Euroluce Story by Colleen Hawkes Photography by Michael Nicholson resources & more images 47684 at search tida at Left: The bathroom has a long, narrow design, with the tub and step-down shower in line with the main axis. The position of the tub allows a glimpse of the harbour view out through a window in the bedroom. Legend to plans: 1 master bedroom, 2 tub, 3 vanity, 4 shower, 5 toilet room, 6 steam room, 7 walk-in wardrobe, 8 gymnasium, 9 garden.