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Rugged charm How to approach a semi-industrial setting when reinventing a master bathroom? One way is to respond in kind A simple, strong aesthetic has its own dramatic appeal – in terms of looks and also functionality. It will also never date. This suite by designer Jodi Gillespie forms part of an apartment in a 2003 multi-unit addition to an 1873 flour factory conversion in the historic mill district of Minneapolis. The relatively modern units capture the feel of the old factory with exposed concrete floors, pillars and ceiling. Gutting the existing, builder-designed bath K[\YH[XY[]XBHZ]H[H[ܙHۙ\ \[Y[\BY\]X]Z]YH[\X[X\˂']XH\۸&][\YH]HY[ HܙX]Y[[\[\Yۈ]BX[[[YY\[[XۈYYHZ]K8'H^\H\Yۙ\'Y[[HوܘYH[Y[H\X\8$]][ٙX\8$\ۙHXH\X \H\BYYHZ[[YK\[Y•\HY\ΈH[\X[]\و[YX[Z[[XܞH8$Y[YH[8$\˜Y[[X]Y[\Y]H\Yۙ\H[\YKX\]H\H][YX\˘B[X\]H\X\و\H[ݚYY܂H[؝\]HX[Y[وX[][ۘX[Y[و\X\ˈHZ[[X[\[[]H[\[[\ۙH\Y XX][8$][H\[\\YX][\\ܛK'BH[ZKZ[\X[\YYYH[HY\[[[[\\Z[H[]K]\\Y\[ق[YY\ܙY[\HY][[X¸$[\[Y[[HY\X܋H܈\Hٝܙ^KYܙY[8$HHܚY[[ۘܙ]H[H\وH[]