USA Kitchen Trends US Kitchen Trends Vol. 30/6

FAMILY KITCHENS\r\nSummer days With its natural, raw materials and shades of driftwood, this\r\nkitchen reflects its role as the social heart of a vacation home beside the beach\r\n\r\n8\r\n\r\nGathered together This family kitchen celebrates the eclectic tastes of its\r\nowners, with a variety of elements chosen for their iconic forms\r\n\r\n36\r\n26\r\n\r\n12\r\n\r\nCafé style Featuring a pared-back concrete table top supported by a stainless\r\nsteel post, the casual dining area lends bistro ambiance to this family kitchen\r\n\r\n16\r\n\r\nREMODELED KITCHENS\r\nJoining forces In this remodel, the sunroom opens to the kitchen, which opens\r\nto the living-dining area, creating one spacious light-filled great room\r\n\r\nInside cover\r\n\r\n40\r\n\r\nLiving for the city This kitchen reflects a journey of discovery for the\r\nhomeowner – the designer won her over to a more contemporary sensibility\r\n\r\nCover\r\n\r\n36\r\n\r\nWith an urban edge A modern composition that teams oak veneer and white\r\nlacquer with pops of yellow in overhead cabinets\r\n\r\n58\r\n\r\n32\r\n\r\nIn the spotlight Designed to cater to Michelin-starred chefs, this extensively\r\nremodeled kitchen also meets the needs of a growing family\r\n\r\n72\r\n\r\n28\r\n\r\nPost-modern makeover Rustic cabinetry was banished and replaced by a\r\nseamless, clean-lined design with a strong urban undercurrrent\r\n\r\n46\r\n\r\nCOLOR & MATERIALS\r\nBlack and tan This project has two faces – that of a practical family\r\nworkspace, together with all the gloss and presence for entertaining\r\n\r\n68\r\n\r\nConversation piece Art moves into the kitchen. The overhead cabinets\r\nfeature a bold canvas painted by one of the owners – a professional artist\r\n\r\n80\r\n\r\n64\r\n\r\nFreshly picked With sunlight pouring in and the garden right outside the\r\nwindow, this kitchen in a Georgian house is light, bright and cheery\r\n\r\nA leader in Italian kitchen design, Pedini is also a pioneer\r\nin eco-friendly kitchens and kitchen products.\r\n\r\n60\r\n\r\nBreakout zone Corporate entertaining is relaxed in this remodeled\r\ncondominium, where a flexible design maximizes all the available space\r\n\r\nDesigner Tom Stringer uses glossy gray cabinets and a\r\nmetallic glass tiles to give this condominium kitchen an\r\nurban edge. See pages 64-67. Photo by Werner Straube\r\n\r\n72\r\n\r\nTRADITIONAL STYLES\r\nSerene and spacious Taking design cues from the 1900s home, this family\r\nkitchen also offers modern accents and plenty of workspace\r\n\r\nKITCHENS\r\n\r\n90\r\n\r\nQuestion of balance With its large handcrafted cabinets, long island and\r\ncustom hood, this new kitchen is generously scaled to match the grand proportions\r\nof a remodeled Mediterranean-style home\r\n\r\n102\r\n\r\n86\r\n\r\nFrom a bygone era This new kitchen, in an historic 1890s Victorian house,\r\nis a fitting complement to the period, but there are no compromises when it\r\ncomes to modern living