USA Kitchen Trends US Kitchen Trends Vol. 30/09 - Page 90

search duffin at see another kitchen 43350 at more images & resources 45498 at Above: A polished stainless steel plinth supports the table, giving it a floating appearance. Transparent acrylic chairs allow an unobstructed view of the entire tabletop. Above right: A high-backed booth seat screens clutter. Perimeter cabinetry in the alfresco living area is a continuation of the indoor cabinets, but with an all-weather finish. Story by Charles Moxham Photography by Steve Ryan 88 from view behind doors in the paneling. The refrigerator and freezer are also integrated, to the left of the appliance pantry door.” A window backsplash forms a connection to the outdoors and brings additional natural light onto work surfaces. Glass fronts on the upper cabinets also help make the room feel lighter. The long, linear nature of the cabinetry is accentuated by recessed aluminum pulls. The run of cabinets continues outdoors to the alfresco area. While the finished effect is seamless, all-weather finishes have been used outside. To maximize floor space and downplay its search | save | share at presence, the island backs onto the booth seat at the head of the dining table. The raised seat back conceals kitchen clutter from diners. “The tabletop is the centerpiece of the kitchen,” says Duffin. “It has a clear acrylic substrate that allows the engineered stone to be side and backlit. LED lighting colors can be matched to any RGB-paint value – the possibilities are almost endless.” As the room is open to a shared driveway, laser-cut aluminum screens bring a degree of privacy. This feature is repeated on the other side of the room, by the stairs.