USA Kitchen Trends US Kitchen Trends Vol. 30/09 - Page 73

“Typically in a design like this, planning is modern and finishes are classic,” says Berman. “Aesthetically, the kitchen reflects the spirit of the building’s pre-war architecture. This is seen in the transitional recessed paneling, and in the choice of stainless steel hardware, sinks and appliances – a popular material of the time.” The apartment features classic mouldings throughout and these are continued in the kitchen for an eclectic feel. The double ogee edge on the Ice Brown granite countertops is another classic detail. This mottled surface also adds a sense of luxury to the space. Internally lit glass-front display cabinets are also in keeping with the look, and offer restful ambient light when the kitchen is not in use. The chrome and glass pendant lights above the peninsula have a semi-industrial feel and would also have been popular in the earlier part of the last century, says Berman. “This kitchen includes a wealth of modern apartment functionality behind a 1920s face.” see a list of resources 44517 at Facing page: Stainless steel handles, appliances and fixtures are appropriate to the pre-war look. The refrigerator and freezer are integrated and positioned next to the display cabinets. Above left: An open pantry across from the main kitchen contains additional storage and a prep sink. Story by Charles Moxham Photography by Jamie Cobel search | save | share at 71