USA Kitchen Trends US Kitchen Trends Vol. 30/09 - Page 49

to choose the exact proportions of each of the shades in the stained glass.” The glass adds a sparkle to the kitchen, as do the pendant lights over the dining table and the downlights above the island, which are encircled by crystal rings. “There is also a considerable amount of chrome on the furniture that helps to reflect the light in the room,” says Peck. Appliances are integrated where possible. The cabinetry also incorporates a hidden home office desk, and a sliding tray to accommodate small appliances close to a coffee-breakfast area. Left: One corner of the kitchen serves as a breakfast area. In addition to a coffee machine, there is an appliance garage for a toaster and electric jug. Story by Colleen Hawkes Photography by Jamie Cobel resources & more images 44922 at search | save | share at 47