USA Kitchen Trends US Kitchen Trends Vol. 30/09 - Page 18

White kitchens help to create a crisp, clean look for a family living area. But that’s often where any similarity between white kitchens ends. And the reason is simple – white is the perfect backdrop for a variety of color accents that may be introduced through materials, products or accessories. For example, this family kitchen by designer Renae Keller avoids a sterile, allwhite look through the innovative use of color and form. Keller says the kitchen, which is in a new house, needed to have 16 a modern, clean-lined look to complement the contemporary architecture. “An all-white kitchen would have been too stark, however,” the designer says. “So we introduced a subway tile backsplash in a warm putty color, with a crackle glaze. This has a little more of a traditional feel, yet it works with the classic, square-edged design of the cabinetry.” Keller says rail and stile doors on the cabinets also help to soften the look, so it is neither too clinical nor too ornate. But it is the finishing touches that search | save | share at really raise the kitchen out of the ordinary. Two sculptural LZF light fixtures featuring a ribbon-like wood veneer pigmented in a gray shade are suspended above the island. The dining table is also highlighted – by a Bocci pendant light comprising 14 borosilicate glass globes. “The lighting creates a focal point within the large, open-plan living space, which has 9ft ceilings,” says Keller. “The pendants have a round, organic feel that is another nice contrast to the crisp, square lines of the cabinetry.”