music and dance from kentucky Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble For almost 20 years, the Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble from Kentucky, USA has fascinated the audience with their happy, optimistic music. During the study at Berea College, the ensemble’s members have the rich possibility to show their talents on many stringed instruments and as singers and share them with audiences around the world. The ensemble appears on stage with songs and music from the Appalachia area and the surrounding states, where they mix bluegrass and the traditional music from the mountains with modern rhythms. Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble The ensemble’s leader and founder, Al White, is working every year with many talented musicians as a bluegrass director so that every single show is professionally produced. Their visit to Denmark this year includes concerts at the DGI-National Meeting in Aalborg, The Rebild Celebration, and in Vendsyssel before going to Ireland and then back to America. vis ito rs FRo m B DR. Lyle roelofs and jennifer rose ERE A, ken Berea Festival Dancers Berea Festival Dancers will also be at the Rebild Festival performing dances at differenct locations during the day. The group performs dances from the Regency period, English Country Dances, Danish and Irish dances. Berea Festival Dancers strive to present historic dances as accurately and professionally as possible. tuc ky Dr. Lyle Roelofs is the President of Berea College and he will be Honorary guest speaker at the Rebild Celebration. Dr. Roelofs is a graduate of Calvin College with a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in physics and mathem