Dear Rebild Friends! I have just returned from the Annual Rebild Membership Meeting 2017 on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the time has come to reflect on the past year 2016 and gather thoughts and ideas for the future of Rebild National Park Society, both short term and long term. But first, let me summarize the Annual Membership Meeting 2017. With over 150 participants, the meeting on St. Croix must be considered a success. Despite a rather tight program, I am sure that everybody had the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic weather, experience St. Croix, participate in the 100th anniversary festivities and not least establish new friendships or reacquaint themselves with longtime Rebild friends. Personally, I had the opportunity to speak with many Rebild members and also with participants who have not yet become members. During these conversations, the possibilities arose to establish a new chapter in Florida and a new chapter in Houston, Texas. Probably very many people have good stories to tell from the annual membership meeting, so let us see them in future issues of RebildNews. Success does not arise by itself. Success has many parents, but because of the formidable efforts of Mette Haydt, Aase Christiansen Luke, Connie Hanson, Ed Bladt, Linda Steffensen and many additional individuals & chapters on their team, the arrangement was a great success. A BIG THANK YOU to them for their efforts. Financially 2016 ended with a surplus of DKR 15,406. This result is less than expected and influenced by extraordinary costs, but also influenced by a decline of memberships both in Denmark and the USA. So here is a big request to all members, especially board members to market the idea and the background of the Rebild Society. Without members the future of the society will of course be somewhat uncertain. For those who participated in the Annual Membership Meeting on St. Croix, it must be rather simple to market the idea of the Rebild Society. The Rebild Celebration on July 4 and the festivities during the surrounding days have been planned down to the last details, so the only thing to hope for will be the usually good weather and that many people will find their way to the Rebild Hills. We are actively spreading the message about the celebration on July 4, but dear members and readers, please also invite people to this year’s celebration. The person-to-person, word-of-mouth advertising method is probably the most effective marketing tool. I am looking forward to July 4. See you in Rebild on July 4 and have a nice summer. Jesper Jespersen President