Return Address: Linda Steffensen 1582 Glen Lake Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169 Support the Rebild Celebration 2017 Sponsor a State Flag We need your help agin! This year it is also possible to support the Rebild Festival by sponsoring one or more of the 50 American State Flags. The flags will again flutter in the wind and welcome all the guests on the walk down in the Hills. Your name and which Flag you have chosen to sponsor, will be listed in program booklet handed out on July 4. The information will also be shown on a big screen on the stage before and after the Rebild Festival. The sponsorship can be anonymous if desired. A particular flag can be sponsored by more than one. $100 per State Flag Have your name on a stone Another way of supporting the Rebild Society is by having your name engraved on a stone. The stone will be laid down beside the stones, already lying among the paving stones at the entrance to the Rebild Hills outside the secretariat. The stone may also be laid down in front of the statue “The Family”, also at the entrance to the Rebild Hills. Price of engraving One stone costs $1000, and two stones $1,800.A small part is used for engraving and the remaining amount is used for support of the Rebild Celebration. There is room for 4 lines on each stone and 14 letters per line. Please contact US Corporate Secretary Linda Steffensen as soon as possible, if you want a stone laid down this summer. Danish-American Friendship Organization Since 1912 If you wish to sponsor a State Flag or purchase a Stone or Stones, please send a check payable to “Rebild National Park Society” c/o Linda Steffensen, U.S. Rebild Corporate Secretary, 1582 Glen Lake Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169. Thank you for your support!