inspired by arctic beauty From California heat in Solvang to Arctic cold on the North Poles When Danish adventurer and Solvang resident René Gross Kærskov decided to parachute out of a helicopter over the exact North Pole in 2008 in his own fundraising event to help the strug- gling polar bears, it started an adventure into a whole new dimension of TIME. Through con- nections of a wildlife photographer, Kærskov arranged with the Russians, who operate a camp on the Arctic ice, to fly him up to the camp and then continue by helicopter to the North Pole. After plunging into the white and blue clean ing on the ice, Kærskov returned to Denmark. ful images, the three Danes started to develop abyss of the Arctic and after seeing the North Overwhelmed by these fascinating impressions, the vision of a new watch brand - a watch brand Pole close up from above, Kærskov realized he showed them to his Danish business part- which would be as pure, clear and breathtaking- that his heart had been conquered by the cool, ners Michael Witt and Lars Skjønnemann with ly beautiful as the Arctic itself. simple beauty and infinite white expanse of the his descriptions of the exquisite splendour of eternal ice. After spending a few days camp- the Arctic landscape. Inspired by these beauti- The new watch brand was given the name, Kærskov has continued his adventurers from BERING, from the Danish explorer Vitus Solvang to the rest of the world with mara- Bering. Bering embraced adventures just thons on all the Seven Continents plus one like Kærskov. In 1728 he set sail for an on the North Pole during a 2nd expedition. almost unknown area of the Arctic Ocean. Kærskov is the first Dane to have stood on On his journey he crossed the straits which both the North and South Pole. Polar bear would later be named the Bering Strait in protection continues as his passion. Today, his honour. Bering was the first European BERING is major sponsor of Polar Bear Inter- to discover Alaska and it is here that one national helping to protect the den of polar of the four time zones bears his famous bear moms and cubs. name: Bering Time! Venturing into unknown territory: the Danes Bering and Kærskov link When it was time for BERING to open there these ideas with the BERING brand. And so first concept store in the U.S. in 2015, an ob- the brand BERING is successfully made up of vious choice was THE COPENHAGEN HOUSE the perfect combination of extraordinarily in our Danish town of Solvang. hard materials and an extremely slim design. 1660 Copenhagen Drive, Solvang | 1.805.693.5000 |