Post Card from St. Croix This year I participated for the first time in the Rebild Society’s Annual Membership Meeting, which was this time held at St. Croix. A couple of years ago I signed up as a life member of the Rebild Society, but until now I have had no possibility of participating in an Annual Membership Meeting. I was in contact with travel agent Mette Haydt from California, and she did a fantastic piece of work to have all details concerning the tour in place. Thank you to Mette! Rumors went around in the Houston area that I would go to St. Croix, and suddenly we were a delegation of 4 persons, who went to the Annual Membership Meeting. Besides me Birthe and Hans Sorensen and Diane Nielsen participated, and all three of them have now become members of the Society after the trip to The Virgin Islands. The Annual Membership meeting offered nice gatherings for all participants, and the ice was soon broken, not least due to Cruzan Rum, which is the local drink of the island. A.o we participated in a concert, a quite special experience and a nice “exchange of culture”, which f26VǒƖRvF&V&N( 2vR&62FVbg&VG67&72FRFF2f'7BfFg&RW6266W&f&VBv6v2VFRG&VVFW2( 22vW60w2Ɩ֗G2FVFW&Rv2VFWb6VFW'FVBG&W76VBWF6W'2BV6&RWfW'FrF6RWFF"FRG&6VBगBv2w&VBWW&V6RF'F6FRFRWfVG2B&WGW&VBFFW2vF&W762BWrg&VG62fR&VVf&VB6VB&WVW7BV&W'0F'F6FRWBV"&W&VF6VƖF67VW7FFW0F667VFP