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backrest optimizes the space for the bather. Freestanding tubs are another option that can enhance a sense of space in a smaller bathroom – the BainUltra Ora bath, for example, measures 66in by 36in. Other suggestions include the Cella, which has a classic design, and the Evanescence – a more modern tub. To contact BainUltra, phone 1 866 344 4515. Or visit the website: save | share Search 44314 at Top: This bathroom also features a Citti alcove bath from BainUltra. Positioning the tub by the window enhances the sense of relaxation. Above: The Ora™ is a freestanding tub from BainUltra. This tub is also designed for key therapies. As with the other baths, it features Warmtouchshell™ heating zones. Left: This bath features an aromatherapy diffuser, and chromatherapy colored lighting. search | save | share at 95