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Perfect fit You don’t need a large bathroom to enjoy a therapeutic bath experience. BainUltra® has baths well suited to condos and small urban homes Above: Bathing is a simple pleasure, yet it can provide enormous therapeutic benefits. This bathroom features the new Citti™ tub from BainUltra. The tub, which is ideal for an alcove situation, has a 15° angle on the backrest, making it particularly comfortable, even though it is not a huge bath. Suggested therapies that can be incorporated include chromatherapy, aromatherapy and thermotherapy. A moulded integrated skirt is available if required. 94 Not all homes and bathrooms are suited to large therapeutic spa baths. There simply may not be enough space, or a condo building may not allow mechanical tubs because of the noise and vibration. But this doesn’t mean you have to forgo all the benefits of a therapeutic bath. On the contrary, you can still create a wellness space in a small bathroom or condo, when you choose a Thermasens® bath from BainUltra. With a Thermasens bath, you bathe in calm water, with no motor or jets, and enjoy a range of other therapies – namely chromatherapy, search | save | share at aromatherapy and thermotherapy®, created by the Warmtouchshell™ heating zones that keep the heat right where you need it. Chromatherapy provides changing color vibrations that impact on your mood, while the Aromacloud™ essential oils diffuser can be used to re-energize and stimulate your senses. Two of the BainUltra tubs that make this possible are the Citti™ and Ora™. The Citti is a new bath that can be installed in an alcove. It can include a moulded insert to accommodate the Aromacloud diffuser or faucets. Even though this tub is only 60in by 32in, a 15° angle on the