US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Vol. 30/8 - Page 94

Bare essentials Calm, soothing decor and a neutral, natural color palette are two of the leading trends in bathroom design. Kraus has many products that reflect this trend Above: Pared-back design is a key trend for modern bathrooms. In this suite, a Kraus Ventus faucet in polished chrome makes a bold counterpoint to the soft gray color palette. Right: Polished chrome faucets also suit the trend towards sleek, minimalist designs. This bathroom features a Kraus Arcus faucet. 92 For many years, it seemed luxury bathrooms were all about bling – the shinier and flashier, the better. Today, that whole idea is turned on its head, as designers and homeowners take their cue from nature. Soothing design, natural colors and simple detailing spell mode rn luxury. It’s a trend that leading faucet and sink manufacturer Kraus has embraced in its recent collections. The company says its new products are designed to complement the neutral colors, gray tones and minimalist designs that define luxury bathrooms today. “These bathrooms feature seamless fixtures search | save | share at